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Bhramba Kullur Immigration Law Office

Canadian Immigration Lawyer with 10+ Years of Experience in Immigration Law Practice
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Bhramba Kullur - LL.B (Hons), J.D., PG Dip Law

Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public

Mr. Bhramba Kullur, founder and Managing Director of Bhramba Kullur Immigration Law Office, specializes in Canadian Immigration Law. Bhramba was admitted to the bar in 3 jurisdictions - in January 2016, Law Society of Ontario (LSO), Ontario, Canada; in July 2005, he was called to the Bar of England and Wales at the Honorable Society of Gray's Inn in London, England and in April 2007, he was called to the Bar of Mauritius at the Supreme Court of Mauritius.

Bhramba has represented clients on immigration matters in both official languages from over 60 countries and has a proven track record of effectively dealing with complex immigration, temporary resident and citizenship cases including Express Entry, Provincial Nominations, Quebec Immigration Programs, Caregiver programs, Family Class, Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, Refugee Claims, Temporary Foreign Worker Programs, Business/Entrepreneur Streams among others. He represented multi-national companies and small businesses with Intra-company Transfers, Labour Market Impact Assessments, Business visitor visas and hiring of foreign workers.

He successfully represented refugee claimants before the Refugee Protection Division from over 25 different countries and appeared before the Immigration Appeal Division for residency obligation appeals, spousal sponsorship denials and criminal inadmissibility.

Canada is one of the rarest countries that has a generous and accessible immigration system. The Canadian Society is a blend of different cultural fabrics from around the globe. We take pride in the diversified Canadian society and its rich cultural heritage, that represent a true example of unity in diversity. With its stable and strong economy, multi-diversity, inclusiveness and safe environment, Canada has great prospects and opportunities for professionals, skilled trades, international students, and entrepreneurs/businesses.

Over the past years, the Canadian Immigration has evolved at a fast pace and the Canadian government has been constantly implementing new measures to improve the immigration system and temporary foreign worker programs.

The Immigration application process can be challenging at various level where expert advice is required. At Bhramba Kullur Immigration Law Office, we have a dedicated team who assist and walk our clients through the steps of the immigration application process.